Friday, July 27, 2018

Enjoy Holidays with Heart Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

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It’s time for a holiday! While a holiday is a very fun time, you may worry about what you can eat. If you are trying to live the healthy lifestyle, you will want to pay attention to the heart healthy holiday eating tips. Yes, these are the tips that will help you to get through the holiday without breaking your healthy diet rules.

Plan the Healthy Holiday Meals for Your Family

When the holiday comes, you may have the urge to serve a variety of tasty foods. However, you need to also consider your health. Try whole grain products, serve lean meats, cut the salt and sugar in half, and choose the healthy fats to be used in cooking. You can always try healthy recipes you find and serve healthy yet tasty foods. One more important thing is to pay attention to the meal portion. Do get too many foods!

Be the Smart Guest When Visiting Others

If you are the host, it’s easier to control what you will cook and serve. However, when you are the guest, things can be a little bit difficult. However, you can be a smart guest that will pick what you eat accordingly. The first thing in heart healthy holiday eating tips is to fill your stomach prior to visiting others. Eat breakfast, lunch or dinner before heading out. This will trick your brain into feeling full and won’t urge you to eat.

If you want to eat, always fill your plate with fruits and vegetables. Remember to keep a good distance from the serving buffet. You need to be careful with the drinks too. Find out whether the drinks low sugar before drinking. If not, alternate to drink fresh water instead.

Keep Up the Exercises

Even when the holiday comes, exercises must not be stopped. Keep doing it. If you somehow unable to keep the heart healthy holiday eating tips, you need to keep your exercises or even increase the intensity to burn the fats and whatever unhealthy you’ve eaten.