Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Four Best And Useful Heart Healthy Holiday Tips

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Holiday is a healthy time to take relaxation with family or friends. But, many activities to do during holidays will not give you healthy. However, overindulging at physical activity or meals will damage your body.

Below are four best and useful heart healthy holiday tips that you should apply. These tips may be very easy to do so that you do not have to worry about getting health problems after holidays.
  1. Remember your portion
Having holidays does not mean that you can enjoy overindulging at meals. You have to remember what you eat and count the calories. If you will have lunch or dinner, you should not eat high fatty foods before. Low fatty salad is very good for you before eating your lunch or dinner.

  1. Get enough rest
So many activities in holidays will make you feel tired easily. However, planning ahead and setting limits are the best way to avoid overindulging at physical activity. It means that you should list your activities well and take a time to relax your body. You may be able to read a book, listen to music, sit in a quiet place or other activities that you love.
  1. Have a physical exercise
 If you want to keep your heart to stay healthy during holidays, you should exercise it for about an hour a day. While holidays, you may do overindulging at meals then regretting it. Therefore, you should have a physical exercise to reduce calories in your body.
  1. Listen to your body
Some studies explain that a rise in heart attack or other heart diseases during the holidays. If your body shows symptoms such as chest pains, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, or fatigue, you must not ignore it. You have to talk to your doctor or go to the nearest clinic as soon as possible.

Those are four best and useful heart healthy holiday tips you can try.