Sunday, July 22, 2018

Heart Health Tips Seniors to Note and Share

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When February is approaching, it is a right time for taking more care to your- and others’ heart. It is a Heart Health Month. Check and review the foods you are all eating. Be more aware of heart disease. It leads men and women who are at risk to death. According to Heart and Stroke Foundation in Canada, stroke tends to kill more women than men. Therefore, it is important to say that you play an important role as an agent of change, at least in your family. Promote heart health tips seniors for people you love.

Important Heart Health Tips Seniors You Should Encourage

Selecting supplies for stomach is one of the heart health tips seniors for improved heart health. Maintaining a healthy diet along with good lifestyle and regular physical make you feel better and live longer. Here are some guidelines on how to succeed in applying heart healthy diet by following the list of what to eat and eliminating what not to eat.

  1. Colorful Vegetables and Fruits
All of us agree that vegetables and fruits are the best treats for a healthy heart. They provide you a high amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Consume them every day and promote them to your parents and lovely seniors to get at least 4-5 servings per day. Why should colorful vegetables and fruits? The concentration of certain nutrient is indicated by colors.
  1. Nuts and High-Fiber Foods
In addition to vegetables and fruits, you can get high fiber from other foods such as cereals, whole-grain bread, and nuts. Walnuts and almonds contain a plenty of nutrients that give a significant impact to the heart health.
  1. Avoid High Fat
Another common advice as part of heart health tips seniors is avoiding high fat. When you buy yogurt, cheese, and dairy products, read the label. Make sure they are low in fat. Not all of dairy products are low fat. Other than that, fish is more recommended than meat. Oily fish helps to lower heart disease risk.