Sunday, July 22, 2018

Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Tips to Share With

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When thanksgiving is around the corner, it is usually signed with delicious and fatty turkey meal. If you know that you have the risk factor of heart disease, consider these heart healthy thanksgiving tips whether you are planning to attend a thanksgiving celebration dinner or host.

4 Notable and Sharable Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

  1. Replace Sugar for Sweet Potatoes
Instead of adding sugar to your sweet potatoes, just add a little maple syrup or pure honey. It is time to modify the popular recipes for sweet potatoes that use more sugar and marshmallow topping. For a heart-healthy diet, you’d better eliminate these recipes for a while.

  1. Avoid Too Much Salt
Thanksgiving is typically marked with turkey dishes. Most of them are added with a lot of salt solutions to make them tender and juicy. Unfortunately, a heart-healthy diet requires you to avoid sodium. If you host a thanksgiving dinner, make one special portion of salt-free dish for your own. But if you attend a dinner repast, the best solution is eating just a little portion with more fresh vegetables.
  1. Make Some Portions Of Higher Fiber, Lower Fat Side Dishes
Some healthy side dishes that are safe for your heart health include roasted vegetable, salad, mashed potatoes, and whole grain bread for stuffing. For roasted vegetables, you can mix various vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, turnips, and carrots. While for salad, add more colorful vegetables and dark leafy greens like spinach and kale.

  1. Hold Your Desire to Eat Those Heavy Foods with Fruits
Eat some fruits to silent your teeth. Make your stomach full with fruits so you will not be tempted by those heavy and fatty foods again.

Be consistent to apply these heart healthy thanksgiving tips. Don’t ever think that it only comes once in a year. Too much cholesterol and fatty food even though only in one night can affect your heart health.