Tuesday, August 14, 2018

3 Effective Heart-Healthy Facts and Tips for Everyone

To have a good and healthy heart, someone has to own a healthy habit in their life. It is a fact that most people are afraid of getting a heart disease, but still, have a bad habit in their life. So, what do you have to do in your life to avoid getting a heart disease? This 3 effective heart-healthy facts and tips for everyone will assist you in renewing your habit.

  1. Smoking Really Kill You
It is a fact and common knowledge that smoking is a bad habit and has a high percentage of killing the smoker through endless pain and disease.  World Health Organization, or simply known as WHO stated that Smoking is the main cause of people to be infected a heart cancer, lung cancer, and coronary heart.  So, little advice for you, stop smoking immediately.  For you who still not a smoker, do not try to smoke.
  1. Avoid Being Obese
Another heart-healthy facts and tips is that obesity could cause not only glucose disease, but there is a high risk of you got a heart disease. There is a tip that could be useful to avoid being obese. You have to eat low calories and balanced food. Eat high fiber food, such as bean and fish to avoid bad cholesterol and fats run through your body.
  1. Laziness Could Kill You
This might sounds a little bit harsh and rude, but it is one of the heart-healthy facts and tips. If you are barely moving, walk or working out, then you have unofficially invited the heart coroner, obesity, and other heart diseases to stay in your body. To avoid this, make sure you take a walk at least 30 minutes per day or working out the “7 minutes workout” per day.

That is the 3 effective heart-healthy facts and tips for everyone. If you are a type of person who is afraid of getting a dangerous disease, it is better for you to follow the 3 tips above.