Friday, August 3, 2018

4 Sharable Heart Healthy Tips For Valentine

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just a moment for showing love with chocolate and flowers. February is a month to take several times to treat your heart better because American Heart Month is celebrated in this month. Be good to your and other people’s heart and share these 5 notable heart healthy tips for Valentine’s Day.

These are 5 Heart Healthy Tips for Valentine’s Day to Share With
  1. Stay Healthy Together
Stay healthy together with family and friends. Go for exercise or any physical activities together such as cycling, jogging, and working out.  Ask them to go for these activities at least 30 minutes every day.  These activities will be more fun and enjoyable with the laughter of your beloved ones.
  1. Romantic Healthy Breakfast
Some studies show the fact that people who have breakfast every day will get a bigger opportunity at losing weight and maintaining their normal weight than those who don’t. Start your day with a healthy salad that and boiled egg. Prepare some healthy breakfast menu for a heart-healthy diet with your beloved one. Whole grain breakfast such as toast and waffle with sliced strawberries toppings is also recommended for heart health.
  1. Healthy Snack
Avoid cravings and hunger by having some low-carb snacks in your bag throughout the day. Provide yourself and your lover a bag of nuts or almonds. Fruits like apple and pear are also good for snacking.
  1. Monitor Your Waist Size
Heart health can be forecasted by the size of the waist. It is a better indicator than BMI. An over-large waist which is over 35 inches can lead to the risk factors of heart disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol. So, keep your waist size ideal by going on a low-carb diet.

Following these heart healthy tips for Valentine’s Day with someone special will be easier. It seems like you have a private motivator.