Thursday, August 23, 2018

Four Important and Enjoyable Heart Healthy Tips for The Holidays

Holiday is the best way for all people to take stress off. It means that holiday is good for our mental health. But, is it also good for our physical ?. Dr. Anne Thorson, cardiologist associate director of UCSF’s Center for Prevention of Heart and Vascular Disease says that “The average person gains five pounds over the holidays, which is hard on the heart.".

The most important to remember is a small change that you make can create a big impact. Therefore, we need to know four important and enjoyable heart healthy tips for the holidays :
  1. Check up your health before going to holiday
 You need to go to your doctor in order to know your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholestrol. It is very important to do at least a day before you go. If you have health problems, your doctor will give you some advice and vitamin. So, you are still able to enjoy holiday without ignoring your health.

  1. Control your meals
 It is necessary for you to list your diet foods before going to holiday. You do not have to bring a lot of snack during holiday. However, you should control what you eat and remember your portion.

  1. Get time to relax
 You have to make sure that you have enough time to sleep during vacation. You may be necessary to skip a night party or other night activities so that you are always fresh and not look tired.
  1. Have a heart healthy exercise
You have to make time to exercise your heart during a holiday. You may be able to go to a swimming pool in your hotel to swim at least an hour, jogging or bicycling in the morning with your family or friends. Therefore, you can still keep your heart to stay healthy.

Those are four important and enjoyable heart healthy tips for the holidays that you can apply. Have a nice holiday.