Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Four Useful and Smart Heart Healthy Tips for Eating Out

Most of us have often had lunch or dinner in a restaurant. But, we sometimes ignore about what we eat. This can be a serious problem if we do not care about unhealthy foods we eat while eating out.

However, many restaurants offer an unhealthy menu which contains saturated fat and sweet meals. Indeed, those meals will affect our body and cause health problems in the future. One of health problems of eating out is a heart disease. Therefore, we should make a consideration and well preparation before deciding to eating out. Here are four useful and smart heart healthy tips for eating out :
  1. Choose a healthy restaurant
Before eating out, you should look for a restaurant which looks clean and healthy. But, it does not mean that you have to eat in a luxury restaurant for eating out. You just need to make sure if the restaurant is proper or not.

  1. Order low fat salad before ordering other meals
 Scientists at Pennsylvania State University finds that volunteers who eat a big veggie salad before the main course eat fewer calories overall than those who don’t have a first-course salad, notes Novick. However, Salad is very good for balancing substances in your body. It is better for you to eat salad first before eating the main course. 
  1. Ask for a request
You do not have to be afraid to ask the waitress to serve request meals that you want. You can ask her/him not to add a lot of sugar in your food or beverage or give as little as salt in all of your menu.
  1. Control your portion
Eating out will make you forget about your portion. You have to be aware of calories that you consume. It may necessary to skip your dessert and change it with fruits.

Those are heart healthy tips for eating out which you can do when your family or friends invite you to have a dinner in a restaurant.