Monday, August 27, 2018

Heart Health Tips and Facts You Should Know

A heart is human’s crucial organ. Heart disease is one of the most deadly diseases that kill a lot of people around the world. There are many factors that lead someone to have a heart attack. One of the factors is an unhealthy lifestyle.  In fact, having a healthy heart is not only a dream as long as you understand the essential heart health tips and facts.

To keep your heart healthy, please live healthy and ideal lifestyles. Start from the easiest habit, which is consuming healthy food. Related to this issue, there are some important heart health tips and facts you should know.

Heart Health Tips
  1. Stop Smoking
Many types of research indicate the terrible effect of smoking. It threatens your heart health. In addition, the cigarette smoke increases bad cholesterol amount, lowers good cholesterol amount, increases the risk of blood clotting.

  1. Exercise
Provide 2 hours in a day for an exercise. Having consistent and cumulative exercise is proven to lower the risk of heart attack for up to 60%.

  1. Losing Weight
Some studies claim that those with obesity have the higher risk of heart attack. They might have a heart attack 8 years earlier than people with normal weight.
  1. Consume Adequate Amounts Of Water
Consuming enough amount of water regularly is proven to avoid heart attack and disease.

Facts about Healthy Heart

  1. A healthy heart has a normal rhyme with the frequency of 60-100 times per minute. For youths, and those who exercise regularly the heart rhyme is slower, with the frequency of 40 times per minute.

  2. Those who don’t drive and watch TV intensively have a healthier heart than those who do. Too much sitting is a big trouble for your heart.

  3. Consuming coffee regularly at a decent amount might lower the risk of a heart attack.

Understanding these heart health tips and facts will help you to be aware of the “dangers” that damage your health. Don’t dare to ignore your heart health because it is the most valuable asset of your life.

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