Thursday, August 2, 2018

Reasons Why Sugar and Salt are Not Included in Heart Healthy NutritionTips

Who said that heart healthy nutrition tips only good for body wellness but not for the taste buds? The statement may come out because some people are not satisfied with the list of recommended foods. Actually, it’s not that the foods are not tasty enough. It’s your taste buds that have yet to accept your new choice. But don’t let it stops you from practicing a healthier lifestyle.

Why Salt and Sugar Must Be Avoided

In the heart healthy nutrition tips, salt and sugar need to be reduced. These are two most common things added to foods (and drinks) for flavors. Just a little bit of them will be enough. However, there is the tendency of overusing them. This will cause a problem in a long term.

Salt will increase the blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the risk factors for heart disease. Therefore, adding too much salt into foods will not be good. Sugar is no different. Too much sugar will raise the level of blood sugar and thus raise the risk of blood clotting as well as diabetes. Diabetes is another risk factor for heart disease and thus must be avoided.

How to Keep the Meals as Tasty without Sprinkling Too Much Salt or Sugar?

Easy, you can use herbs and spices to make your foods flavorful. There are plenty of herbs and spices that can help your daily meals menu exciting. Plenty of recipes are available to be discovered and tried. If you do eat canned foods, find the ones labeled as reduced salt foods.

Another that can be done is to change gradually. If you are too used to the many salt and sugar, significantly reducing will be a little difficult. However, you must not stop from trying and get the taste buds accustomed to the healthy eating suggested in heart health nutrition tips.