Monday, August 13, 2018

Starting to Follow Essential Heart Healthy Exercise Tips for Senior

Being a senior is not a reason to become physically inactive. Regular exercises can really help to maintain body condition even for seniors. However, seniors can’t do the exercises as if they are young. And thus the heart healthy exercises tips for senior will be essential. The following tips will help you, seniors in training your body without doing too much.

  • The Cardio Exercises
Cardio exercises are important for overall health, especially for the heart, circulation, and lungs. For you who are used to sedentary life, you need to start slowly. Simply start by walking around for about 10 minutes and gradually increase the walking time to 30 minutes. For more intense exercise, carry a few pounds of hand weight.

Light jogging is also one of the recommended exercises in heart healthy exercises tips for senior. Before jogging, walk for about 10 minutes as warm up and then lightly jog for about three to five minutes before resting. Gradually increase the duration of jogging to 20 minutes.
  • The Strength Training
This kind of training is recommended to be done for at least two days in every week. There are several important exercises. Every exercise has the different focus. There are exercises for legs, arms, triceps, abdominal, and balance exercises.
  • The Stretches
After a session of exercise, heart healthy exercise tips for senior recommend stretching. Without the proper stretching, the muscles will become tense and tend to contract. Always do stretching after an exercise. Don’t do it ahead of time as it will injure the muscles.

Every week, the exercises need to be done properly. Keep in mind to be careful because you certainly don’t want to get injured. If you are not accustomed to regular exercises, take it easy. Just do it little by little and gradually increase the intensity. Don’t do the intense exercises right away to avoid problems.