Thursday, September 13, 2018

Four Best Heart Healthy Beef Tips For Heart Patients

Many heart patients are afraid of eating meat such as beef, pork, bacon, lamb. The first reason is they are rich in saturated fat which is bad for their heart. Basically, they are still able to eat them in moderation and in a good cooking.

There are four best heart healthy beef tips for you whohave heart problems. These tips may help you to choose and cook healthy beef that heart patients can eat later. So, let us get the tips.
  1. Select extra lean beef
You have to be smart to select the leanest cuts of beef, such as sirloin tip, top sirloin, top round, bottom round, and eye of round. These extra lean beef offer about 47 to 60 calories and about 8 g protein per ounce.

  1. Do a healthy cooking
To avoid raising saturated and trans fats, it is better for you to do a healthy cooking such as baking, grilling or broiling the beef instead of frying. This is the best choice to concern more about heart health.
  1. Use a few of salt and healthy oils
You should add as little as salt into your beef if you want to keep heart health. You can cut the salt a half of the recipes in order to stabilize your blood pressure. Besides, If you want to fry your beef instead of grilling or baking, you can use healthy oils such as olive oil, canola, or sesame.
  1. Eat beef with diet foods
After selecting and cooking healthy beef, you should eat your beef with the diet foods such as vegetables which contain a lot of antioxidants. However,  vegetables can reduce your beef calories that you eat.

After knowing the tips, you do not have to worry to eat beef. It is fine to consume beef as long as you eat it in moderation and with the healthy cooking.