Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Simple Ideas of Snack Foods Good for Heart Health

Simple Ideas of Snack Foods Good for Heart Health
Who doesn’t love to nibble a few snacks? Even you who are trying to live healthily will want some. Perhaps, you’ve been wondering about a way to grab just a little bit of snack. However, are there foods good for heart health in form of snacks? The answer is YES! Healthy snacks? Why not?

Great Ideas for Healthy Snacks
The healthiest snacks are not the ones you bought at the stores. They are the ones that you can make at home. Take notes on the following ideas. Whenever you go to a store, don’t forget to grab the ingredients used in these recipes!

•    Cucumber Hummus Sandwich

This is perfect if you find yourself hungry in the afternoon. You certainly know how to make sandwiches. This time, you’ll need whole-grain bread, thinly sliced cucumber and hummus as the spread. Cut the sandwich into four smaller parts and serve along with a cup of green tea.

•    Healthy Yogurt and Jam

There are no foods good for heart health that can be easily served as this one. In order to make it, you need one container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt and just a tablespoon of jam! It’ll be even better if you use homemade jam.

•    Peanut, Edamame and Popcorn Assortment

Guess what! Popcorn is whole-grain and can be healthy snacks too. You can simply mix it with cinnamon powder or mix it with nuts. What you need to do is to mix two tablespoons of roasted peanuts, two cups of air-popped popcorn, and two tablespoons of roasted edamame.

•    Spiced Edamame

Edamame is a super healthy snack. Just steam or boil the beans and you get a healthy and tasty snack. But if you want a little bit of spice, sprinkle a bit of 5-seasoning of Asia.

•    Vegetable Sticks

This option has been considered as classic foods good for heart health. You usually need fresh celery stalks and carrot (sometimes cucumber). Simply cut the vegetable into sticks and prepare a good condiment such as reduced-fat cream cheese or hummus.